A short introduction

Currently due to a back injury I am not able to do any engraving.

The knives and other items listed on this site can be purchased B2B for fellow Engravers.

Many of the knives listed I have engraved on myself and know that they work well on the machine,

That being said please read the notes in the discription I will make it a point to let you know if I have worked with the item

A Short note to my Fellow Engravers, I do not make a claim that these prices are wholesale, They are Discounted Retail for B2B sales. I meet the minimum order requirments and you still get a pretty good discounted price.

Also the fact that you are buying from a person that is a fellow engraver, you will have less worry about getting an item that will not work for your application

We do not try to pull the wool over your eyes folks, like I said we are a small business, I wish I could carry all 800 brands of knives our distributer has. That being said we can special order any knife you are looking for. Feel free to email us and we can get it in for you.

Yes we can handle bulk orders, We can usually have it to you within ten working days

Not all of the products have the personalization script added to them yet

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