About the Knives

I want to thank all of you for your patronage. To all my LaserEverything family you folks are great and both myself and my wife encourage you to feel confident in your orders, I am a blunt outspoken person and so I am going to be so now. 

Currently this site is set up for fellow laser engravers to buy knife blanks for engraving. 

Please check the notes to see if those knives are kept in stock or will need to be shipped to me and then to you. This usually takes less than 8 days from the time the order was placed. 

I offer knives that retails in the single digits all the way up into the four, That being said you cannot buy expensive cheap. 

Some of these cheaper knives blades will need to be sharpened and the bolsters hit with a buffing pad to really make them pop. I have had my hands on most of the blades listed on this site. 

I try to make sure to make any comments on any short falls about the item.

Please note that bone is a natural product, this is not bleached bone it has an yellowish tint but engraves really well. It is not however "green" meaning that it has been properly aged and while it will produce some smell it is not outrages 

My distributor has over 800 brands of knives and I can special order what ever you need. Or order in bulk please feel free to email me with any questions