Personalizing Your Products

Most of the glassware on this site is sold in cases so when you click on the personalize button the price shown will be for the complete set or case. If your are looking for less than a set we can quote you a price.

Some of the images may at first be too large to fully fit into the bounds, simply use the size tool on the right bottom of the graphic to shrink it to fit into the bounds. 

Yes, you can add Text to the Monograms, Many of the monograms will have a space for text to be added simple insert the monogram and then click on the text tool to insert it into the monogram. 

Currently glass engraving includes two colors and natural (a white frosted look), Black and Gold. Please note, no matter what someone tells you after market color fill is not completely permanent, it will eventually fade and wear off. The only permanent marking is baked on during the manufacturing process. 

Still you can use a product like Rub N Buff to bring back your color. It is easy to apply and will last a good while. 

Please note also while I would love to carry everything my storehouse in stock I am a small business and just cannot do so. However most items can be shipped to me inside of a week and finished / shipped or delivered to clients in two weeks. I communicate with all my clients the lead time before starting the job to insure customer satisfaction. 

To customize an item simply click on it and click customize. If you need artwork or graphics created for you please let me know. I have a huge database of monograms and artist available to create your own unique branding, not a copy of something found on the internet. My artist are affordable and professional some are active tattoo artists while others are paper and pen artists. 

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